With our collective of dreamers and makers, VINE offers marketing and branding services through Central Texas and the world. We begin with a full evaluation of your organization to illuminate and clearly communicate your purpose, and to determine brand position and potential. With that foundation, we guide you toward the achievement of your goals and contribution your community the world.

After diving into a collaborative brand workshop, VINE provides the elements of truly exceptional brand experiences. With clear goals and paths for establishing meaningful and memorable relationships with customers, vendors, and team members of your organization, your team will be provided with a foundation for long-term improvement of your business, and your community.

You can depend on VINE to provide marketing research and brand strategy, team coaching, event planning and management, as well as assistance with branding, messaging and design, video marketing and other necessary marketing and branding services to deliver meaningful and effective brand experiences.

Service Offerings:

Brand Experience Workshops

The Brand Experience Workshop is an illuminating experience for all businesses at any size and stage of your organization. It’s an interactive, and explorative multi-day event, from which you will walk away with the following:

  • A clear understanding of how to communicate your purpose to the world.
  • A stronger, closer team with a clear vision and a shared purpose.
  • Brand Touchpoint Map defining your roots, vines, blooms, wings, and pests.
  • An analysis of current brand gaps with recommendations on how to overcome them, and grow from them.
  • Documentation of competitive analysis and strategy for beginning planned execution through Brand Actuation.
  • Actionable suggestions for implementing meaningful brand experiences that will transform your relationship with your community of customers, vendors and team members.

Brand Touchpoint Maps

Most organizations think of their brand as the logo on their marketing materials, or at most, the sales and marketing messaging and collateral. In truth, your brand consists of every single touchpoint a customer, vendor, partner…or anyone has with your organization and the impression they walk away with.

The Brand Touchpoint Map is a visual representation of the following:

    • Roots: foundational elements
    • Vines: key team members/roles/products
    • Blooms: key differentiators
    • Wings: opportunities for your organization soar
    • Pests: factors holding you back from success

Brand Actuation

No matter your growth phase, VINE will assist with the actuation of your brand experience, provide training for your team, or simply provide the plan to get started. Actuation may include some or all of the following, or any new ideas we come up with during the Brand Experience Workshop.

  • Research and strategy
  • Logo and supporting branding and design
  • Website Design, development and improvement
  • Video planning and production
  • Event planning and management
  • Experience marketing
  • Other necessary marketing and design services to deliver meaningful, effective, and complete brand experiences.

You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it’s better to listen to what it has to say.
-Paulo Coelho