Your brand is a collection of perceptions…

Vine collective offers a full evaluation of your organization to determine your brand position and potential, and fulfills on the complete brand experience if you need it created, defined, or refined.

Marketing isn’t merely a series of advertisements, it’s an ongoing and evolving dialogue. A relationship with your customers, vendors, and partners. Vine helps organizations like yours foster those relationships and create meaningful and memorable connections through brand experiences.

Cultivating Your Brand Promise – Does everyone in your organization know what the guiding purpose behind your organization is? If so, do they know how their role directly affects the ability of your organization to fulfill that purpose? The more engaged your team, and your customers are with the purpose of your business, the harder they’ll work, and the more willing they’ll be to pay for your product…making it easier for you to continue to fulfill your purpose.

Ready to commit to your purpose and Schedule your Brand Experience Workshop?

Brand Phases:

  • Cultivating (preparing)
  • Planting seeds (traditional sales, writing, speaking)
  • Fertilizing (marketing, advertising, sponsorships, events)
  • Growing (planning for the future: reaching for the sun, moon, and stars)

Product Offerings:

  • Brand Experience workshops
  • Brand Touchpoint Map
  • Roots, vines, blooms, wings
  • Brand Actuation

Learn how other brands have effectively owned their brand experience and how to cultivate yours.