Brand Expression Snapshot

Visualize the ecosystem of your business, then determine the opportunities for your organization to soar.


Most organizations think of their brand as the logo on their marketing materials, or their messaging and collateral. In truth, your brand consists of every single touchpoint a customer, vendor, partner…or anyone has with your organization, the impression they walk away with, and how they communicate that brand experience to others.


Your Snapshot is a visualization of your brand.




Roots are the deep, foundational elements of your organization; the impetus for the inception of your business, the motivation to keep you going, and the basis for customers and employees to return.


As your vision becomes (or became) a reality, the roots break through the surface, weave their way through the world and wrap themselves around the pillars of your organization.


The heart of your organization shines through it’s blooms. They are the depiction of your passions, expertise, and your people.


When you’re in full bloom you’ll have the wisdom, clarity, and energy to actualize meaningful experiences and opportunities for your organization to soar.


This snapshot will inform all organizational decisions; from team growth, to service offering, office expansion, to brand actuation. It’s a cornerstone element, inspiring organizational flight, providing leadership and team alignment, and highlighting potential gaps.


So goes the leader, so goes the culture. So goes the culture, so goes the company.
– Simen Sinek