Brand Experience Workshops

Brand Experience Workshop: VINE Collective

Examine the current connection between the self, community, world, and company; then explore those relationships.

The Brand Experience Workshop is an in-depth journey, which provides the bedrock elements for VINE collective to begin defining, refining, and growing your brand purpose, which will serve to enable meaningful brand experiences that form loyal communities of customers, employees, vendors, and partners for many years to come.

During the Workshop we’ll explore:

SELF. You have to attend to self in order to contribute all you have to offer to your organization. Some people eat right and exercise. Others read, meditate, or pray. And others practice personal improvement in their own unique ways. Once you’ve found balance and relative well-being in your life, then you can start on a path to helping improve your home, work environment, and your community.

COMMUNITY.  How do you affect the lives of people in your community: your management team, co-workers, employees, vendors, and customers? By considering their lives, needs, desires, and dreams you’ll develop an intimate understanding of their motivators.

WORLD. By seeing your community through the lens of wellbeing and motivations, you’ll find a way you can help improve the lives of millions of people.

COMPANY. “Follow your bliss.” By creating a fulfilling and engaging community work experience in which each individual knows how their role affects the lives of others, they will be motivated to do their very best work…and truly understanding the customer will lead to brand experiences that are memorable and meaningful.

In addition to a clear mind, you’ll be provided with the following:
  • A clear understanding of how to communicate your purpose to the world.
  • A stronger, closer team with a clear vision and a shared purpose.
  • A Brand Expression Snapshot defining your roots, vines, blooms, and wings.
  • An analysis of current brand gaps with recommendations on how to overcome them and grow from them.
  • Documentation of competitive analysis and strategy for beginning planned execution through Brand Actuation.
  • Actionable suggestions for implementing meaningful brand experiences that will transform your relationship with your community of customers, vendors and team members.

Let’s Activate Your Brand Experience Together.

We’re not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world.
– Joseph Campbell